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No surfer or beach goer should be without one of these! They are great for playing in the shore break and catching a few waves on, maybe even a little barrel or two! The idea of a handplane is that it increases the planning surface when you're body surfing allowing you to catch waves more easily and for longer. All the off cuts from making the surfboards are put to one side and stacked ready to be made into handplanes. They are made from cedar and off cuts of other timbers in the workshop making them green and reducing waste!  They can be made with a hand hold or a straps that i make myself from recycled car seat belts. You also have the option of adding a branded name or image to make your handplane even more unique! Want to order one or shape your own head to the online shop or if you're looking for something bespoke get in touch and ill be able to help you out!

 construction and shaping 

The wood is carefully selected and book matched to make each handplane. They are all shaped by hand using spoke shaves, planes and carving chisels to create the more extreme channels in the bottom of the handplanes. 


 The final sanding is done and then any images or names can be branded on and then its time to oil. The handplanes are finished with three coats of linseed oil to help protect them from the sea this can be topped up every few months. Finally they are ready to have the handles attached and ready to be used!


Shape you're own!

Want to shape your own ? Get in touch about a half day course where you can shape your own at the workshop under my guidance. Alternatively order a blank from me and shape it at home! The blank would look like the photo opposite but ill add on a few outlines of different shapes to get you started!   

click thoruhg the gallery below!