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Email:   Call: 07753283144

If your looking for a piece of hand made bespoke furniture your in the right place! All the furniture I make is to commission this ensures the piece of furniture is exactly what you, the customer wants. People always ask so what do you make, my reply is always "everything". I love a challenge and I'm always pushing the limits of what I can make from wood and pushing the possibilities of what can be done with wood. From bespoke jewelry boxes to beds and kitchens there's no job that's to big or to small. I pride myself on working to the highest standards to produce beautiful functional pieces of furniture that are built to last. If you would like to order a piece of furniture please get in touch. If you are looking for something but are struggling on the design please drop me an email I'd be happy to work with you to design the perfect piece for you.  There is also the possibilities of incorporating metal or glass into the piece of furniture. Please have a look through my gallery at recent commissions.




All of the woods I use are sourced in Fife I am lucky enough to have two fantastic sawmills that supply me with seasoned and kiln dried Scottish hardwoods. I also use a lot of reclaimed timbers which I have salvaged. I have been very lucky over the years and have a collection of fantastic exotic woods as well as beams and recalimed flooring. If you are looking for something really exotic I can source veneers. I also use veneers from more intricate inlays and fine furniture. Please get in touch if you would like to order anything or have any questions. 




I am a one person company so everything is done by me start to finish ensuring highest quality and customer satisfaction. I can work with you on a design or I can design something specifically for you. Doing it this way it ensures that the piece of furniture will fit into your home to match existing furniture or the piece can be fitted into specific place. Thus ensuring you get exactly what you want.