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So what do you do when there’s no surf… the next best thing skating! With one of these custom made boards you’re sure to be the envy of all your friends! All of the boards I make are one of a kind as no two pieces of wood are the same and with the option of customizing it by having your name or images branded to it you’ll have something truly unique! The boards are made from reclaimed woods and off cuts from the workshop making them very green and reducing wasted wood! I make solid wooden decks and laminated ply decks. If you'd like to order a deck or have any questions please get in touch!  


SOlid wooden decks


These solid wooden decks are made from many pieces glued together or from one solid piece with a pattern inlayed.  All styles and sizes of deck can be made from 2 foot penny style boards right up to 5 foot dancers! These decks are flat however for boards that would have a kick tail one can be added in solid wood. These are all custom made get in touch to order one or if you have any questions. 

Laminated decks

Laminated decks made from several layers of birch ply are also available. Again each board is usually custom made for the customer. Decorative patters and veneers can also be added to these boards making the unique to you. This suits boards with extreme contours in it for more responsive turns such as my custom surf skate deck specially made for surf training! 


whisky barrel decks

These boards are sure to make you the envy of all your friends! Made from recycled whisky barrels each of these handcrafted boards have a great story behind them. From tree to whisky barrels for up to forty years and now to be re-purposed to awesome skate decks these lovely bits of wood get a third lease of life! They can be cleaned or left with the years of ware and branding on them. Several styles of decks available please get in touch to order. The top side of these decks are black from the charring process of making the whisky barrels scroll though the photos below for more photos of them.